David G. Green, P.Eng
        Professional Land Surveyor

Dave Green Comprehensive Background
David Green is a professional geomatics engineer with a thorough understanding of the geospatial environment. With practical abilities and progressive surveying knowledge, he approaches situations looking for creative common sense solutions.
Survey operations based on an entrepreneurial core has provided the management and financial knowledge to focus on improving business outcomes.

North American Cadastral Experience
Cadastral surveying and mapping projects in the USA, Canada and The Bahamas, has provided exposure to land tenure systems based on European colonization and the US Public Land Survey System. He has served as an expert witness for boundary resolution hearings and other real property issues.

He has a background in provincial and large-scale municipal control systems. In addition to terrestrial techniques, his involvement includes satellite geodesy and virtual reference networks. Roles include framework development, field observations, adjustments and grid shift modeling.

Mapping / GIS
Completed several cadastral mapping contracts as part of a modernized land information system based on parcel indexing. Managed development of a GIS system for companies with extensive land holdings to identify and inventory property rights. Implement policies, programs, priorities and uses of the surveys, mapping, and control data elements for the enterprise GIS.

Aerial Imagery
Managed and administered programs for aerial photography and derivative mapping. Activities include a municipal base-mapping program, enterprise geographic information systems and large-scale mapping for engineering endeavors. Post-processing and contour generation from a LiDAR data set, which included filtered ground return points and a digital elevation model used for hydrological and hydraulic analysis.

Engagements at industrial construction sites include paper mills, mines and power generation. Mining work has included underground and surface surveys for shafts, ramps and control networks.

A background in drainage and infrastructure complements assignments for stream rehabilitation, industrial effluent systems and brownfield remediation.

Route Surveys
Linear route surveys for controlled access highways, fibre optic cable routes and transmission lines. This work generally involved research, interviews with property owners, field surveys, calculations and plan preparation. Route surveys for linear projects include controlled access highways, fibre optic cable routes and transmission lines.

He has been on the water in Florida, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for navigation charts, channel dredging, docking facilities and seabed cable routes.

Pre-engineering and as-built surveys using classical, GPS and ground based LiDAR scanning. Projects included highway corridors, industrial construction, commercial and residential developments. Volume surveys for ore extraction, wood chip piles, large cooling and tailing ponds.

Specialty Surveys
A variety of interesting surveys including monitoring building subsidence, water lots, and seabed fishing leases.

Professional Land Surveyor
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